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If you are a man who has awoken to the true intersexual dynamics between men and women, you might consider yourself “red-pilled”.  You now know the importance of understanding true female nature, the good and bad, and how important it is to better yourself and to tailor your actions towards it.

Many coaches in the “manosphere” talk about doing “The Work”.  This usually encompasses maximising your potential financially, physically and psychologically.  But what about your most primal masculine energy? 

Do you appreciate that your sexual energy is your very life-force that many men misdirect?

Would you want to know how to use this energy for increased well-being and vitality?

Did you lack a male role model to show you what strong, mature masculinity was?

Do you still hold grudges against your parents (even though they may be deceased)?

Do past disappointments still affect your emotional well-being?

Are you still struggling to find peace after sexual abuse?

This programme will empower men to better understand and manage their masculine energy and really DO the INNER WORK necessary to become the best versions of themselves and live life on their terms.

What will this programme give you?

Learn to create influence and power over yourself, which are the keys to healthy dominance.  Healthy dominance increases your drive, ambition, service to others, directness, commitment, dedication and self-discipline.

An emotionally healthy man exudes internal strength.  This will assist you in influencing others, protecting yourself in standing up for your values and this is one trait that is very attractive to female nature.

Who am I & why I do it

Airline pilot / Life Coach

Past childhood conditioning meant I came from the school of “hard-knocks” and struggled to express my authentic, masculine-self in a healthy way.  I have now created for myself a life of freedom and internal harmony.  Even when government mandates were forcing pilots to vax I stood up for my personal values and said, “No” (and kept my flying job).  I want to help “fast-track” other men on their path to excellence.

Key concepts covered:

  • Breaking myths about intimacy and sex.
  • The importance of semen retention and learn how to circulate sexual energy.
  • Energetic cord removal.
    • With every intimate connection we create energetic cords that can affect us negatively unless they are removed.
  • Let your inner child out to play.
    • Grow a friendship with an intimate part of you.
    • Reclaim child-like joy and discover a new youthfulness through drawing exercises and guided meditation.
  • Honour your parents
    • Liberate resentments from your father and mother to find inner peace.
    • Learn a ritual to positively balance masculine and feminine energies within yourself which will attract greater harmony to your life via a written exercise and practical meditation.
  • Releasing grief, anger and victimhood
    • Let grief flow to truly free yourself from sadness.
    • Move from destructive to healthy anger.
    • Understand your inner critic and inner saboteur to create better relationships.
    • Find peace after sexual abuse.
      • Written exercises and guided meditation.
Downloadable content.

This downloadable content took me many years to appreciate and experience and I want to make it affordable to reach as many men as possible. 
€ 29.99 – 30-day money back guarantee.

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